Wow!  It has been three months since I last wrote you! kids2 Can I just say how AMAZING God is when you seek Him and His will for your life?  Our family has gone through personal and physical changes already this year!

Our family recently ended a 6 year chapter in our lives.  To say it was stressful would be an understatement!  We didn’t know where God would lead us, or where our next chapter would be.  We were praying for direction, for jobs, for peace.  We were applying for jobs all over the United States, with nothing really coming back.  The end was coming near and we were starting to stress.  How do you provide for a family without income and a roof over your head? We had already given notice to the housing office on post that we were moving.  We called it our “homeless lease” as we were taking steps to move forward, but with absolutely no idea where that would be!

On a Wednesday my hubby met with our pastor.  They shared, prayed, and my honey left feeling blessed.  Two days later (when he has asked God for an answer by) he was feeling even more overwhelmed as we still didn’t have any answers.  In fact, he had only gotten a single ‘no’ to all the jobs he had applied to.  Then, within 15 minutes time he received not one, but TWO, job offers with excellent companies! We had also been in contact with a local property manager/realtor looking for a place to rest our heads at night.  We own an adorable boxer dog, and that always makes it harder to find a rental as no one wants you to have pets in their home.  I understand their sentiment, but it sure makes it hard when a member of your family is a sweet fur baby!

After that initial phone call with the awesome job offer, all the little details started falling into place.  The dreams we had as a family started becoming realities.  We LOVE where we live and were so glad we were offered a job locally.  We had been looking (dreaming) at homes in a neighborhood for many years, and had our eye on a house that had been for sale for quite a few months.  The home was still available!

Because the housing office was in the middle of a large policy change (and the fact that God takes care of ALL the details) we were granted permission to stay on post, in our home that we had enjoyed for 5 years, for a few extra weeks until we closed escrow on our new home!  What a blessing it was to be able to simply move from our old home to our new home, without having to store our items for a week and stay in a hotel.  You should see our boxer run all over her new (and so much bigger) back yard!

All the details, no matter how small, were taken care of!  It was so evident that we were moving in the direction that God wanted us.

Adjusting to these new life changes has had its challenges, but it has been so worth it!

Blessigns & JOY ~



10 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. We have an AWESOME God!! Thank you for sharing how He has been working in your life! Our family has been having some major changes happening this year as well and we are in the process of moving currently (after 12 yrs in the same home). It is so exciting!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Indeed we do! I am so glad that we have Him to lean on during all of life’s changes! Blessings to your family, as well!

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